Just some random things

I had a really boring day today. I fell asleep again, right after I ate three slices of pizza. Good luck to me and my on and off relationship with fat, right? On a happier note, we won! I love the fact that we beat a 400-year-old that has an entrance exam asking “Which is hard? a. cotton b. paper c. wood d. water.”

BTW, just a random trivia about me: I fell asleep during USTET haha. My friend sitting a couple of chairs away had to stand up to shake me so that we could progress with the exam.

Anyway, my mom and brother went shopping today. They came home with a baby carriage made especially for dogs. Since Choky is 9 kilograms and white, my mom doesn’t like it when he walks around outside because he gets dirty easily. Choky’s the type of dog who sleeps next to us in the bed so… hahaha. He cannot be dirty.


Lookit! Choky inside his carriage.

My mom buys the strangest things sometimes.

Look at our two babies sleeping the same way:


Notice the size difference? Heehee.. Dogs are so cute.

Anyway, I was playing around with my phone earlier today and I found some bad shots of the commercial we did for ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo! The shoot I had to do, making me several hours late for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. I only caught the awarding, isn’t that sad?

090913_115758The guy being test-shot is Raymund, Carmina Reyes’ number 1 fan.

090913_115813Waiting for Direk Paolo to find the perfect angle.

Let me conclude this random blog with an equally random note:

This is the face of a horrified horror film student.

090918_104314Franz Garay in fine form

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