Sasha’s life as a pig

I was supposed to study history today in preparation for my long test on Tuesday. So, okay, I already took my book and notes, set them beside me on the bed, and began reading. After the first few pages, I fell asleep (this was an hour after I woke up).

I woke up again, and I fell asleep again. This cycle kept repeating and I’ve had a total of four naps today with a little studying and a lot of food in between. And the main reason why I am awake now is because I’ve been watching the FEU-UE game. Boo, I wanted FEU to win to make life easier for the Blue Eagles but some bald guy from UE suddenly decided to step up and kept scoring threes.

Anyway, I have been eating the whole time I was awake.

cheetosThis is the enemy. Our house is completely devoid of anything healthy and since I was starving, I only had a variety of chips to choose and munch on. 😦

I saw this really mean picture that served as a commentary for cheetos and it made me scared. I have to start exercising.



This is kind of sad.

Anyway, I can’t wait for my hell week(s) to be over. Personnel from Kira Plastinina (my favorite brand) texted me, telling me that they have new stuff. Yay! I miss shopping.

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