What a crazy day…

I was really excited to get to class today for the following reasons:

  • Je and I finished our thesis early last night so, unlike most communication majors, we weren’t as sabog. I was really tired though because I tried to read histo and lit (I have a long test next week) but I fell asleep anyway.
  • I only had one class-Horror Film with Mr. Andrew Ty. I don’t even count it as a class first because it’s fun, second because we watch films. But we learn a lot, seriously guys, you should take this one. It’s the best.
  • It’s a Friday.

HOWEVER, my super great Friday didn’t go as well as I planned it.

1. Although we finished early, Je had to wake me up really early today because the file in her USB was corrupted! Our whole thesis was there. Thank God the whole copy, the one in my computer, was still working so I e-mailed it to her.

Crises averted? Not really. Our nearly 100-page second half draft required a ton of ink. I had to print my part in draft already, thank God it was only the Appendix. No big deal.

Crises averted? Again, not yet. We forgot to print the list of references! I was already in class when I realized it. Thank God (and I’m sure all the boys agree with me) for Jessica Mendoza.

2. As I was walking to school, I saw a dead cat. It was dead stiff–it’s legs were sticking straight to the sides, there were fresh wounds everywhere, and a swarm of flies was feasting on it. Yum for them but ick for us mere humans.

3. The cat, I assumed, was a preview of what I was expecting in film class. Andrew Ty loves gory films but he showed us a ghost film today. I thought it was even grosser though because there were so many sexual innuendos between a middle-aged woman AND a 10-year old boy! They even kissed (on the lips) a couple of times. Hmmm.

innocentsBut despite all the perversion, the acting was spectacular. How many 10-year old boys and 8-year old girls can pull of a malicious yet smiling look? Watch the film and you’ll see what I mean.

I missed my film-y days today. I still have a bunch of Raymond’s old movies. School kills my movie appreciation-skills (?) haha… that didn’t make any sense.

4. Friggin Comm Studio disallowed food and drinks inside so I was hungry the entire film.


Je and I were having a bout of senioritis last night. We’re actually graduating!

From this:

Freshman fashion (disaster)?

Freshman fashion (disaster)?

To this:

From thesis and beyond! I love you, je!

From thesis and beyond! I love you, je!

I ninja-d this photo from Mark Tiu‘s Flickr. Heehee. I look the same but without the jeans… Je looks awesome now! I’m glad that I can tell people that “I knew her when…” hahahaha… Seriously, to all her haters, Je is the most down-to-earth “celebrity” in the world.

BTW, while I’m getting into all the drama, I’d like to take this opportunity to say:

I MISS YOU MOMMY MM, GUIDON’s super confidant and nurturing mommy-member.

Failed photobooth pic during MM's last year

Failed photobooth pic during MM's last year

I hope you’re having fun in China!!! 🙂 Save me a Chinese boy! 🙂 I love you!

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