A little procrastination

Just some random thoughts. I’ve been thinking too much of school and grades and papers and postmodernity and Schrodinger’s Cat and thesis (oh God thesis, don’t even get me started). I feel like procrastinating and sparing like two minutes of my valuable study time to just blog about random things.


1. Ateneo-FEU. Yay we won! I got incredibly nervous during the game that I was hiding behind Bea during the last two seconds when Kirk had to foul this FEU guy. Oh Rabeh, you’re such a princess… you should try to be nicer to people and maybe they’ll like you more. Oh Nico Salva, subtlety fail at hitting a guy in the stomach (although he deserved it for much uncalled for trash talk)


2. 2009 CDC. Wow! I wasn’t expecting the Babble to win. I was really happy. They’re moonwalk idea while on a pyramid was incredible and i’m betting the foreign judges were big fans of Michael Jackson. Snaps for them. Hahaha. BTW, I got really annoyed at other teams just as we were exiting Araneta. Sorry, I blame it on my enochlophobia. Seriously though, we were all cramped already! They should just stop cheering and contributing to hot air! I didn’t know my annoyance was that obvious, coz Jeff Cape even noticed it and I didn’t even see him which sucks coz I love Jeff.


3. Super starstruck! Maria Ressa and Glenda Gloria talked to me and not on a business, journalist-chenes level. On a personal, we are intrigued level! Aww… haha.


I’m such a dork!



Thesis still sucks.

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