Trapped in the yearbook pages

This is my yearbook write-up written by the very talented Raymond Ang.

By this point in your life, you will have already grouped your friends into two categories: (1) your good time friends and (2) your I-will-love-you-through-a-brick-wall friends. Sasha, unfortunately, is neither. The conventions of human friendships are far too small and limiting to contain an entity as shiny, outsized, and confounding as hers.

She is an enigma. How, for example, does she operate at 100% 24/7? Is she just hopped up on sugar? And then there is her drive, her achievements, and her passion. Beyond a perpetually perky persona and voice that’s just a notch below dolphin, Sasha has real skills and intelligence, the discovery of which, coming from a girl who sometimes likes to pretend to be Dobby the House Elf, is overwhelming.

So what do you make of someone like Sasha? She of the banshee-like la-la-la’s and ever upbeat outlook? She is in a category all by herself: A purple unicorn—the one that will fight with you against your personal Voldemort, the one that will travel to the ends of the Middle Earth to get that ring back. Surely, magic was in the ingredients when this girl was made.

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