My TOP 10 stores

They aren’t in order though because it also depends on what article of clothing you need:


1. Kira Plastinina (opened in Mega Mall recently)

2. Zara TRF and Kids (the thing with European sizes is that they are soooo huge so if you have a skinny frame, you can definitely find something in their kids section)

3. Top Shop (Top Man for T-shirts!)

4. Just G (i love the muted colors and the fun designs

5. Janilyn – they make feet look really pretty and they have the best-est heels ever

6. So Fab – cheap and chic

7. 168 Mall – it’s great how you can have five thousand bucks and blow it one one dress or one pair of shoes in some stores but you can buy a new closet with it in 168

8. BE (Greenhills) – they have the best shoes and dresses and covers (I got my favorite grey cardigan from them)

9. 101 New York – so cool, when I’m feeling a bit rocker-y, i always go to 101 New York and I’ve modeled for them before so that’s a plus!

10. Landmark – it’s amazing what you can find with a little patience and comfortable walking shoes. Department stores are extremes–they usually have the best and the worst so it’s up to you to find it. It may take all day, trust me.

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